"My leg feels funny!"

Destructor is a fighter in the Ultimate Robot Fighting League (URFL). He is the second best wrestler, The Masked Unit being the best.

He first appeared in Raging Bender in which he was Bender final opponent in robot wrestling. Bender tries his best to fight him, but Destructor is too durable and he beats on Bender, at one point knocking off his jaw and teeth. Leela discovers that Master Fnog, Destructor's alien trainer and Leela's former martial arts teacher, is controlling him. Leela fights him for revenge, hating the way he disrespected her because she is a female. She manages to defeat him by slamming Destructor's fist onto him, causing Destructor to shut down, but also crushing Bender in the process.

Since then, he has appeared many times as a background character: he was among the robots that went rogue in "Mother's Day", he went to party island and later helped push the Earth further from the Sun (thus cooling it) in "Crimes of the Hot", and in "The Beast With a Billion Backs" he was part of the League of Robots and was among the robots to fight Yivo's tentacles.
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