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Dixie and Trixie are "party babes" who party with Slurms MacKenzie.

Dixie and Trixie worked for Slurm, acting as the backup dancers of the company's mascot, Slurms MacKenzie, appearing alongside him in advertisements and commercial events, faithfully fulfilling the role for forty years, despite keeping an outwardly youthful look. Unbeknownst to the public, they, as well as MacKenzie, were forced to party 24/7, facing the sack if they didn't. Their escape from the Slurm Factory, as well as the death of Slurms MacKenzie, presumably ended their contract.

The pair briefly joins the short-lived "radical" incarnation of the Eco-Feministas, led by Leela. After being indicted and incarcerated for environmental protection, plus the misdemeanour stemming from the accidental killing of the headless body of Spiro Agnew by association, Dixie and Trixie try to plan their group's escape with Bender Bending Rodríguez, trying to pass him off as a woman to distract the prison guards, before opting for the simpler break-out routine by simply having him tear (bend) down the wall.

They are later seen as contestants at the Butterfly Derby on the Moon, where they are defeated by Amy and Leela during a match while the latter were on a Nectar-induced winning spree. Notably, they are wearing Slurm-themed wings, implying that they've went back to being employed by Slurm or are being sponsored by them.

The source for their apparent youth is never addressed nor brought up, though cosmetic enhancement procedures, like reverse aging tar, are likely.

Physical Appearance

Despite working for over 40 years, the women look very young.

Dixie is Caucasian, blonde, and wears a purple bikini.

Trixie is African, has black hair and wears a pink bikini.