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"I suppose I could part with one and still be feared …"
Professor Farnsworth on his doomsday devices[source]

A doomsday device is a weapon that is capable of unleashing destruction on a large scale. Professor Farnsworth has built and/or collected numerous of these devices, but was forced to sell many of them to Hedonismbot when he lost his business to the Scammers.

Although the Earth Constitution includes a guarantee of the right to bear doomsday devices, there is a three day waiting period for Mad Scientists. The National Ray-Gun Association, or NRA, feels this policy is unfair.

Professor Farnsworth used a doomsday device to power Bender after regenerating the robot, though Bender was forced to party continuously in order to burn off the excess energy being produced by the battery. Bender eventually refused to party any longer and nearly exploded as a result of the device overloading. He was swallowed by a Cyclophage before the device could rupture and the device short-circuited as a result, eliminating its excess energy outputs and turning it into an ordinary battery.

Professor Farnsworth and Hermes Conrad later threw a box full of doomsday devices into a dumpster during a community recycling event at CitiHall.

Known examples

  • Implosion Bomb: used to create a black hole to contain wanton chronitons.
  • Spheroboom: Farnsworth's personal favorite, used to defeat the scammers.
  • Mutated Anthrax: "for duck hunting".
  • Lava Lamp shaped Doomsday Device: kills everything everywhere