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Behold, our once beautiful mutagenic sewage lake.

–Dwayne in "Leela's Homeworld"

Martin Luther Thing, Jr. High School

Dwayne is a mutant. Often found alongside Raoul and Vyolet, he lives in the mutant village in the sewers underneath the Planet Express building. Dwayne suffers from an extremely enlarged cranium and also has two noses. Though his exact importance in the school is not clear, it is known that Dwayne teaches at Martin Luther Thing, Jr. High School. He is also a competent guitar player, however he is currently without an E string.


Dwayne tends to be the dreamer in the group, often speaking in a very mysterious tone, and asking mostly irrelevant philosophical questions. He is also somewhat of a singer/songwriter; most notably when he related the story of El Chupanibre to the crew.