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"He creeps and crawls in the midnight hush, silent as a low-flow toilet flush. Watch your step, cause sooner or later, he'll eat you whole, and half your alligator!"
The legend of El Chupanibre

El Chupanibre is a sewer monster that once terrorized the mutants below New New York. He is a giant green humanoid lizard with massive yellow teeth, claws and bloodshot eyes. He was flushed down the colossal toilet to the sub-sewer by Bender in the course of saving Nibbler.

The Planet Express crew came upon the mutant city after Bender, under the control of Leela's emotions via one of the Professor's inventions, flushed himself down the toilet in search of the lost Nibbler. Upon meeting the sewer mutants the crew was told the tale of El Chupanibre in musical form courtesy of the mutant Dwayne.[1]

Even though the song says the El Chupanibre eats alligators, they actually eat crocodiles because alligators cannot be flushed.

He also makes an appearance when Leela and Fry are involved in a race during the episode Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles.[2]

Background Notes

  • El Chupanibre is a reference to El Chupacabra, the goat sucking myth of Mexican lore.

How Bender flushed him down the toilet

In I Second that Emotion after flushing Nibbler down the toilet Bender came to rescue Nibbler and El Chupanibre came and tries to eat Nibbler and Bender tries to rescue Nibbler from El Chupanibre from getting eaten, if Nibbler gets eaten by El Chupanibre he would be deceased by then, thanks to Bender he flushed El Chupanibre down the sub-sewer and he rescued Nibbler from getting eaten.