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The Enyclopod was one of the first beings to come into existence. Its first form was a frog or snake, then it evolved into a gigantic space ray. The encyclopod also preserves the life of any species, including extinct and endangered species. It has a miniature world on it's back in the shape of a dome, with extinct plants and animals in it. The Encyclopod has special attachments that help contain DNA. The Encyclopod drifted into infinite space after giving birth to life.


  • The Encyclopods' appearance is based on the Spelljammer from the Spelljammers setting for Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The Encyclopods' name may be a reference to the fact that their DNA incorporates almost everything, like an encyclopedia in Real Life.
  • Encyclopods have the power to shoot purple beams from their eyes presumably as a defense mechanism against the Dark Ones, their natural enemies.
  • The Dark Ones are the single species in the Universe that doesn't have its Genetic Makeup stored within the Encyclopods. This wasn't a conscious decision by the Encyclopod, but an oversight as John A. Zoidberg ate the corpse of the last Dark One before the Encyclopod could extract its DNA/RNA. The Encyclopod planned to store the DNA/RNA regardless of the Dark Ones being their natural enemies.
  • The Encyclopod somehow knows how to speak english despite being laid dormant for quote "Untold eternities!".
  • The Encyclopod somehow knows Hutch Waterfall this might be because the Encyclopod and the Waterfalls have the exact same goal and therefore somehow know each other.
  • When Hutch Waterfall died the Encyclopod used this chance to preserve the DNA of Human beings despite the fact that the Encyclopod was said to just preserve the DNA/RNA of endangered animals and Human beings aren't endangered. This is pointed out by Philip J. Fry I: the Encyclopod ignores his inquiry, implying that Humans are indeed endangered.