The eyephone is an electronic device that's inserted into the eye (the earpiece goes into the ear). It is sold by MomCorp. Among other things, it can be used to send and receive Twits, record videos and publish videos on the internet. It even functions as a phone! The eyePhone records everything the user sees and hears.

Mom uses the information gathered from the Twits to send personalized ads and – once somebody has gathered one million followers – to send through it a virus, which will control brains of followers. The virus, known as the TwitWorm, made all infected people buy the new eyePhone 2.0


  • The eyePhone is a parody of Apple's iPhone.
  • Twitcher is a parody of Twitter.
  • The activity of Carol to use information from Twits to send personalized ad is similar to how Facebook gathers personal information of users to sell to ad companies so they can create ad that categorizes to a specific group of market segment to maximize ad effectiveness.



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