"Dearly liked, we stand here before one or more gods, or fewer; to join this couple in pretty good matrimony. If anyone objects to this union, may they speak now, or forever hold their peace; or do something else."
Father Changstien El Gamahl[source]

Father Changstien El-Gamahl is a priest of the First Amalgamated Church, a mix of several mainstream 21st-century religions.


In "Godfellas", Fry went to the First Amalgamated Church to look for Bender. Father Changstein El-Gamahl said that all he could do to help him was join him in prayer. Fry asked if he had anything useful to do and he said no, thereby ending their session together.

In "The Sting", Father Changstein El-Gamahl hosted Fry's funeral. However, he knew nothing about Fry so he spoke very blindly about him.

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