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The Femputer is a huge, wall-sized computer reminiscent of ENIAC, the Earth's first general purpose electronic computer, but was actually a misandrist Fembot operating a computer.


The Femputer's real identity.

She came from a planet ruled by a chauvinistic Manputer that was really a manbot in disguise and traveled to Amazonia. She arrived about the time all men on the planet died out. She ended up ruling the natives as the mighty Femputer.

She had responsible for the deaths of any visiting and stranded men, who ended up visiting by sentencing them to execution by "snu-snu" (sex), after previous confirmation by an Amazonian pointing to three smiling male human skeletons in her chamber.

She subjected Fry, Zapp, and Kif all to death though was nearly swayed by Leela pleading that not all men were bad until Thog reported their insulting remarks on basketball. Bender was released because he was a manbot while the others were subjected to the "torture".

Bender ends up discovering her identity and she reveals her history, before advancing on him. However, the pair ended up making out and she fell in love with him, which also persuades her into sparing his male companions' lives. She also demanded that the Amazonians bring Bender back gold before she and Bender hook up.

After the crew return to Earth, Bender wants nothing to do with the Femputer/Fembot and told his friends to tell a calling Fembot he was not around while basking in the gold.


  • The name "Femputer" is a combination of the words "Female" and "Computer".
  • At the 100th delivery party, the Femputer can be seen dancing with both the Whale biologist and Gearshift. She also made out with Gearshift.
  • Her real name was not revealed.