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Floyd Farnsworth Ph.D. is the son of Ned and Velma Farnsworth and the younger brother of Hubert J. Farnsworth.

He is the paternal uncle of Igner and the distant nephew of Philip J. Fry I.

He has an online doctorate in Rodeo studies.

It is implied that he may have been turned away from the door (or worse) by Bender Bending Rodríguez while attempting to contact Hubert.

While Farnsworth's parents are telling the crew about Floyd's older brother (Hubert), they mistakenly believe the Professor is Floyd.


There is an actual episode early on the series that actually is the scene bender is describing. It happens for a mere instant but you do get to see Floyd Farnsworth dressed as a rodeo clown.

Family Tree

Mr. Gleisner--+--Mrs. Gleisner Enos Fry--+--Mildred Fry    David Farnsworth
              |                                                         |                               | 
         Mrs. Fry------------------+---------------------Yancy Fry, Sr.                         | 
                                       |                                                                | 
                      +----------------+------------------+                                             | 
            Philip J. Fry I+Turanga Leela Yancy Fry, Jr.+(Wife)                             | 
                                                                    |                                   | 
                                                           Philip J. Fry II--+--Njörd(?)        | 
                                                                                 ~                      |
                                                                                 |                      | 
                                                                  Grandma Farnsworth (possibly)     | 
                                                                               |                        | 
                                                 Velma Farnsworth--+--Ned Farnsworth------------+ 
                                                             |                  |
Ogden Wernstrom----+----Mom------+-----Hubert J. Farnsworth  Floyd Farnsworth
                       |                 |               |               
                   +---+----+         Igner    Cubert J. Farnsworth
               Walt Larry