The Forwards Time Machine was a temporal navigation device invented by Professor Farnsworth in 3010. The machine is only capable of traveling into the future, specifically in order to avoid creating temporal paradoxes such as accidentally having sex with one's grandmother. However, this purpose finally failed, as a consequence that, in the series, the time is cyclic, what means that the universe can start again, allowing make changes in any moment of history in which machine stops.

Bender, Fry and Professor Farnsworth initially intended to test the machine by traveling one minute into the future. The Professor slipped while manning the control panel however and inadvertently transported to the year 10,000. Because the machine had no reverse-time-traveling function, the three were marooned in the future until they decided to continue further down the timeline, hoping that a Reverse Time Machine would eventually be invented.

Bender, Farnsworth and Fry then proceeded to use the machine to travel to several points in the future, including the years 105105, 252525, 351120, 1000000½, 5000000 and 5000005, 10000000, and 50000000. The three eventually reached the year 1 Billion, at which point the Earth had become a desert wasteland devoid of any trace of life.

Realizing that a Reverse Time Machine would therefore never be invented, Farnsworth, Bender and Fry decided to travel forward to the end of time, watching the death of the universe in the process. They eventually reached the last moment of time at 10 E 50 and witnessed the expiration of the universe, after which they were stunned to see the Big Bang occur again.

They then watched the universe form anew and traveled forward through history toward the moment in 3010 when they left the original timeline. The Professor slipped again as the machine neared the correct moment and the three were forced to continue into the future again, to the end of the universe, through another Big Bang and back to the year 3010.

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