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"That's an orangutan, one of Mother Earth's most precious creatures!"
Free Waterfall, Jr.[source]

Free Waterfall, Jr. (born March 7, 2958 - May 7, 3001) was the grandson of Old Man Waterfall, son of Free Waterfall, Sr. and father of Free Waterfall III, Frida Waterfall, and Hutch Waterfall, as well as spokesperson for Mankind for Ethical Animal Treatment (MEAT). He protested the consumption of Popplers.

Later when the omicronions decided to eat Turanga Leela in revenge for the Popplers, Zapp sent an orangutan in her place. Lrrr bought it until Free Waterfall, Jr. pointed out the deception, angering the watching crowd. He was later eaten by Lrrr to much applause.


  • Voiced by Phil Hendrie (King of The Hill, Rick and Morty,The Phil Hendrie Show).
  • Free Waterfall Jr. is Frankie from Elliott from Earth, Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball and Norrie from Hey Duggee.