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Frida Waterfall (June 3, 2978 - February 24, 3009) was the great-granddaughter of Old Man Waterfall, her grandfather was most likely Free Waterfall, Sr., her father was most likely Free Waterfall, Jr. and her brothers are Free Waterfall III and Hutch Waterfall. She was witness to her great-grandfather being crushed by the Decapodian Mobile Oppression Palace.

She was the leader of the Eco-Feministas, who were protesting Leo Wong's careless destruction of Mars' environment. The feministas were ridiculed because of Frida's terrible slogans. Her "femi-necklace" became lodged in Philip J. Fry I's forehead, granting him mind reading powers, when Leo blew up the ground beneath their feet.

Turanga Leela and Amy Wong joined with the feministas and during a peaceful protest, they accidentally killed Vice president Agnew and became wanted criminals. Leela took charge of the feministas and lead them to sabotage Leo's plans to build a giant miniature golf course on The Milky Way, especially the violet dwarf star that was brimming with evolving organisms.

When Frida had snuck onto the Wong Ranch to hammer in another terrible slogan, Fry found her and asked her to relay a message to Leela: that he wants to save the star too. Unfortunately, when she reminded herself, a mysterious voice came into her head, demanding to know who the message came from. When she couldn't tell the voice, she was declared of no use "to the Dark Ones" and is psionically strangled and murdered. She asks her long-lost brother to avenge her. When she is presumed dead, The Dark One sarcastically remarks, "Where are your crappy rhymes now, Frida Waterfall?". She made one last remark before being strangled again and died.

Her name is an obvious feminization of "Free" (her grandfather, father and brother's names), and Phil Hendrie's voicing of her is exactly the same as Free Waterfall, Jr., except in falsetto.


  • Voiced by Phil Hendrie (Little John from King of The Hill and Principal Vagina from Rick & Morty).