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Fry nurtures an alien egg out of which hatches a monster.

Opening Sequence[]

Futurama logo with subtitle, Alienese and (often), cartoon.


After a dangerous delivery, the crew eats at Fishy Joe's and Leela gets upset because of the vague sources of fast food. They go to the local farmer's market to buy fresh produce from the Farmer and Amazonians and some Zuban cigars for Bender. She blackmails the crew to eat them, but Fry decides to hatch an egg after learning that the ones bought are fertile.

Fry raises the egg for a week, and it hatches into a horrific monster that he names Mr. Peppy. Mr. Peppy grows to full size in a few days and Farnsworth discovers that Mr. Peppy is a ravenous Bone Vampire. Realizing they can't keep it on Earth, they send it back to its home world, Doohan 6, to repopulate the species.

After setting Mr. Peppy free, the crew goes to a nearby bar where they tell the villagers that they set the creature loose, thus threatening the populace. Leela's friend Angus McZongo spearheads the hunt as Fry assures them that Mr. Peppy is harmless. After Leela is attacked by Mr. Peppy, Fry decides to kill his pet himself. When he shoots, however, it is revealed to be McZongo dressed in a bone vampire costume, and he admits that he was responsible for the attacks. Suddenly, they notice Mr. Peppy sucking the skeleton from some sheep and Fry decides to kill him until the villagers spare the beast because they can use it as a clever way to slaughter their excessive livestock without having to de-bone them. McZongo is later arrested, and the Planet Express Crew does one more drive by at Fishy Joe's.

Ongoing Themes[]

Fry & Leela[]

  • When an Amazonian woman flirts with him, Fry is aroused... and scared.
  • When Zoidberg calls for the execution of both Fry, and the Bone Vampire, Leela opposes the notion.
  • Leela comforts Fry when he first releases Mr. Peppy, she is the only one to do this.
  • When Angus MacZongo flirts with Leela she is receptive, agreeing to have a drink with him. This makes Fry visibly jealous.
  • Leela describes her relationship with Fry as strictly platonic. Fry is slightly upset by this. She goes on to flirt with him, and even agrees to go on a brunch date with him.
    • She may only have done this to appease MacZongo, and so save Mr. Peppy. Certainly, she seems to lose interest in MacZongo after he breaks his promise not to kill Mr. Peppy.
  • Fry openly admits his love for Leela, saying that it outweighed his affection for Mr. Peppy. Such is his love for Leela that he is willing to kill Mr. Peppy, by whom - he believes - Leela was attacked.

Hermes & Zoidberg[]

  • When Fry slaps Zoidberg, Hermes takes Zoidberg's side, accusing Fry of sexual harassment.
  • When the Bone Vampire is first unleashed, Zoidberg cowers in Hermes' arms.


"Sweet freak of Mozambique!"