225px-Fry meme

The most famous image, from The Lesser of Two Evils.

The Fry meme, also known as Not Sure If, is an Internet meme revolving around Philip J. Fry from Futurama, in which he is seen narrowing his eyes. The original photo was from the season 2 episode The Lesser of Two Evils, in which Fry narrows his eyes in suspicion of Flexo pretending to be Bender. The meme was used by Comedy Central as the title caption for the season 7 episode The Bots and the Bees.


120px-Fry meme 1ACV11

Fry suspicious of Gunter, from Mars University.

120px-Fry meme 1ACV12

Fry in the ship, from When Aliens Attack.

120px-Fry meme 3ACV11

Fry in Hermes' office, from Insane in the Mainframe.

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