The Frybot is a robot built by Turanga Leela at a Build-a-Bot store after Philip J. Fry I was incinerated during the crash of the Planet Express ship. The robot was later implanted with the personality of the living Fry by way of the surveillance computers at the Planet Express headquarters.

While constructing the Frybot, Leela put too much copper wadding in its stomach, causing the robot to overload. Leela was electrocuted and left in a coma and the Frybot sustained several burns: both had their short-term memories erased. The Frybot, then beliving himself to be the original, Human Fry, mourned Leela before building a Leelabot at the same Build-a-Bot store.

The human Leela later awoke and fought with the Leelabot, during which she demanded that Fry shoot the Leela-bot. Fry refused to shoot, being unable to tell them apart (despite the fact that the Leelabot wore a bandage on her arm after having been bit by Nibbler) and accidentally shot himself, revealing that he, too, was a robot.

The Leelabot and the Frybot then chose to shed their human skins and live happily together as robots. Their voices unexplicably change at this point, becoming much more robotic. Some speculate that their mouths were put with some voice changer.

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