Frydo (1600s - 1700s) was Fry's alias in Cornwood. He ends up becoming corrupt, resembling Gollum, instead of Frodo, his namesake. He was a member of the Fellowship.

He, Leegola, Titanius Anglesmith, and the Great Wizard Greyfarn team up to stop the evil Momon by throwing the Die of Power into the plastic in which it was made from. They meet Gynecaladriel who seduces the guard of the Cave of Hopelessness.

He used the Die of Power to beat the Tunneling Horror and became obsessed with the die, turning into a Gollum-like character. He tried to kill Titanius and ran off with the head of Zoidberg. The Fellowship went to the Geysers of Gygax to destroy the die.

Frydo transformed into a dragon to battle the evil Momon dragon.

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