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Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow is a City building game for IOS and Android developed by TinyCo and published by Fox Digital Entertainment. The game, as the name suggests, is based of the 1999 Animated TV show; Futurama. The game is infamous for its constant glitching.


During a normal day of work, the Planet Express Crew is sent to Deliver a Crate to Amphibious 9. After getting there, it is revealed that what's in that Crate is the Hypnotoad. But another Hypnotoad From another Dimension comes and falls in love with the other one, therefore ripping the membrane of the universe. Because of this, all of New New York and everybody from New New York gets sucked up into the holes caused by this. The only one left is Fry. As Fry, the player must complete tasks to slowly rebuild New New York.

Events and Content

Ever since the game was launched, TinyCo has been frequently updating the game with new Events. These Events bring content to the game found in the show.


  • The game was Co-Developed by Jam City, who have also made a Futurama Game called Game Of Drones.
  • TinyCo also developed a City Building game for Fox named Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff.
    • Both of these games are Heavily based on EA's The Simpsons: Tapped Out.