Bender dies, and his software takes on a ghostly existence.


The episode opens out with the Planet Express siting quietly in the conference room for 15 minutes so their insurance is reinstated. During this time Amy screams 'A Giant Sausage!' and points to a floating sausage outside the window and the rest of the crew become terrified. But Leela realises that it was part of the parade that was happening today and all the crew calm down except Fry, who starts to scream again. So the crew all go outside to watch the parade and Fry is surprised to discover that this is parade day parade, where different cultures have a single float and specified section to march in.

The Jamaican Float travels too fast bumping into the back of the Dorrito float and causing a giant dorrito to cut the heads of the lamposts and the model Earth on Zapp's float which rolls down towards two nerds who are talking inconspicuously and unaware of what is happening. Fry then charges forward and lunges towards the nerds saving the human one and leaving the robot to die. Fry is thanked by the survivours wife and the mayor declares that this Saturday should be declared Fryday in honour of Fry's actions as well as giving him the keys to the city.

After the celebrations they arrived back to Planet Express to discover Bender glowering at Fry and accusing him of thinking that a human's life is worth more than a robots. Bender then decides to kill himself which the crew doesn't take seriously as for Bender this is a common empty threat. Bender arrives to the suicide booth to discover the booth is Lynn, an ex-girlfriend of his, who says his death won't be suicide; it will be murder. At Planet Express his dead body is returned all the crew mourn after Hermes proves that he is dead by waving a $1 over his nose.

Bender rises from his body as a ghost and finds that no one can hear him any more except the robot devil who takes him down to his office for a chat where they agree that if Bender kills Fry then he will get his life back but if he fails he spends the rest of his life in robot hell as Fry thinks a human life is more valuble than a robots'. Bender tries to scare Fry to death but as Fry cannot hear him it doesn't work. After trying to kill him with soap Bender discovers that he can control electronics and begins to torment Fry with electrical devices. The crew laughs at Fry when he claims to be haunted by a ghost but after more mishaps he holds a seance and the medium tells him he is being haunted by a robot ghost and he wonders what robot it could be. He then calls reverend Preacherbot to help him who gives him a sacred firewall which prevents robot ghosts from getting 20 feet near him.

However Bender manages to possess the firewall and cause an image of Fry's melting head which causes him to have a heart attack. Believing the heart attack to be fatal Bender goes down to hell to claim his prize but the robot devil informs him that Fry survived his heart attack. Back on the surface, Bender overhears that one more sudden shock will kill Fry but changes his mind about murdering his best friend when Fry says that he misses Bender and that he realises how valuable a robot life can be when it belongs to his best friend.

Fry goes to live on the Amish homeworld where no machines are allowed. Bender follows, vowing to help his friend and assisting him with everything even though Fry is unaware. On the day the Planet Express crew visit the Robot Devil comes to criticize Benders failure dressed in Granny Hester's clothes. The Robot Devil says that it is Bender's fate to kill Fry and causes him to unintentuanly spook the ox into making the cricular barn roll towards Fry. Bender possess the Robot devil and warns everyone to run away from the barn pushing Fry out the way but killing the robot devil in the process. Fry then decides to return to New New York.

However the robot devil has a steady supply of spare bodies and ridicules Bender for trying to kill him. But, because of his good deed, Bender is risen up to robot heaven where he meets the Robot God and tries to posseess him but he is instead ejected back to Earth. His old dead body reassembles and he is once again alive. Fry says he is glad that Bender is alive again and that he missed him but then asks supspicously if Bender was the one haunting him to which Bender doesn't reply.


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Dan Castellaneta as The Robot Devil

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