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God Entity

God Entity is a kind of cosmic entity Bender comes across while floating in space that may be God, although Bender postulates that it may be a computerized space probe that collided with God. It is capable of speaking the language of anyone who communicates with it, signaling in binary to begin with and speaking English when Bender calls out to it. The Monks of T'shuva have spent many generations searching for it.

The God entity is extremely powerful, possibly omnipotent, as it seems to have chronokinetic powers seen in "Bender's Big Score", but claims to not be omniscient, saying to Bender that it was unaware of the location of the Earth in relation to itself. The God Entity advises that the use of deity-like powers requires a "light touch" so that those one intends to aid will neither lose hope in nor become dependent on supernatural intervention.

David X. Cohen suggests that it may function similarly to a cosmic computer and the binary Time Code is one of the programs that runs on it.

Background Information

  • According to Billy West, the voice of the God Entity was based on the opening announcer from "The Outer Limits".