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Grrrl (real name unknown) is a human woman who has a brief relationship with Lrrr in the episode Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences.

She is first seen at the Comic-Con, present during Lrrr's attempt at conquering Earth, which is mistaken as a bombastic entry into the convention's costume contest. She is seen in the crowd, dressed as a female Decapodian, briefly taking off her mask to marvel at Lrrr, believing him to be wearing a convincing costume.

She is physically attracted to aliens, especially the somewhat monstrous ones, like Omicronians and, to a lesser degree, Decapodians, as shown when she flirts with Zoidberg. She satisfies her paraphilia by passing herself off as a female member of those alien races and meeting fellow cross-species dressers.

She reencounters Lrrr at The Hip Joint, the latter looking for a date to get over his difficult marriage, while she isdressed up as a Omicronian names Grrrl. The two have dinner and go to her apartment, where she takes off her disguise. When she finds out that Lrrr is a real Omicronian, she immediately offers herself up to him before jumping at a horrified Lrrr. It's implied that the one-night stand was without Lrrr's consent, technically making their fling a rape. While Lrrr has no feelings for her, she became enamored with him and later shows up armed with a laser pistol when Ndnd confronts her cheating husband, who thinks the affair happened with Leela. Ndnd quickly takes care of her by snatching the gun and shooting her with it. She was not killed, only teleported away, as she had bought a cheap imitation, which was one of Hubert Farnsworth's teleportation guns, falsely advertised as an annihilation ray.