Oh, I'm not drunk, I'm mentally ill.


Gus is a hobo, often hanging out at Bumbase Alpha. Gus was senator in the Earth government. While a senator, he ate at a restaurant owned by Helmut Spargle. He is often seen alongside his friend and fellow hobo, Dandy Jim.

He first appears during "The 30% Iron Chef", in which he and Dandy Jim invite a now homeless Bender to ride the space train to Bumbase Alpha. While there, Bender assumes that Gus is a drunk, but is soon corrected by Gus himself; he is in fact mentally ill. Gus is seen again in "Three Hundred Big Boys", in which he partakes in a turkey dog feast hosted by John A. Zoidberg. Gus also appears in a deleted scene for "Lethal Inspection", in which Bender and Hermes Conrad use him as a shield while being shot at by Killbots. Gus appears, without Dandy Jim, in "That Darn Katz!", where he is seen cooking an egg on the sidewalk, while simultaneously being cooked by H. G. Blob.

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