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Gynecaladriel is the form that Amy takes within the alternate reality known as Cornwood. She appears as the Queen of the Water Nymphos, with gills on her neck and fins visible on her forearms and legs, as well as larger breasts. Her only power seems to be of seduction, similar to the real Amy's promiscuous nature. In battle, she uses her body to bewilder her enemies, though if this fails she quickly loses her cool demeanor and begins to strangle her opponent in a fit of rage, as shown during the battle with the Morcs.

She plays a minor role in the Fellowship, only being able to help by distracting the guard at the entrance of the Cave of Hopelessness and inadvertently saving Titanius Anglesmith from assassination by letting him sleep in her sleeping bag. She joins Titanius and The Great Wizard Greyfarn in their quest to raise an army at Wipe Castle, but does little in the ensuing battle. Following their rescue by Leegola and the centaur archers, she proceeds to thank Leegola by making out with her.