Now remember, and I can't stress this enough, this is a talkie, so I want the full gamut of emotions from every actor in every scene.

–Harold Zoid, That's Lobstertainment

Harold Zoid is the eccentric, over-the-hill celebrity uncle of Planet Express' employee John A. Zoidberg. Zoid enjoyed a successful career as an actor, as well as later (and less succеssfully) as a director in the comedy and drama movie businesses respectively. Like his nephew, Zoid was born on the Planet Decapod 10. He forged a successful career for himself as an actor, especially known for his roles in comedic silent films and action movies, wearing his signature straw hat and thick-rimmed glasses. Later, he used his fame to become a director and screenplay writer, though with limited success. But despite his failings he is still awarded some respect within the entertainment industry.

In a desperate attempt to regain his failing celebrity status, Zoid persuaded his nephew to finance a drama project, called The Magnificent Three: starring Calculon, Zoid, as well as featuring minor roles from Zoidberg and Bender Bending Rodríguez. However, during filming the movie rapidly devolved into a fractured and nonsensical melodrama, which was greeted with ridicule. The project was Zoid's last, although he did win an award for his roles in the film, despite not being nominated.


  • Harold Zoid is parody of Harold Lloyd, a silent film actor.
  • In Beast with a Billion Backs, He was the first hint viewers got that the tentacles gave one a sense of euphoria, as he is show for a brief flash smiling on Zoidberg's phone after he's hit with the tentacle.

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Harold Zoid was voiced by Hank Azaria, who does the voice of Apu, Moe, and various other supporting characters in Matt Groening's other FOX show, The Simpsons. Azaria had at one point expressed interest in voicing a relative of Zoidberg and was contacted when the opportunity for doing so occurred. Harold Zoid's name and personality is an obvious imitation of the real life action movie pioneer Harold Lloyd. In The Beast with a Billion Backs, he was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

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