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Hattie McDoogal is an elderly lady who is known to have several cats, of which she generally has one in her purse.

She owns one share of Planet Kajigger and was able to unseat Professor Farnsworth from chief executive officer of the company by voting for That Guy. Aside from being a stockholder, Hattie's main job is the landlady of the New New York apartment complex Fry and Bender briefly moved into in 3000.

Although she is the landlady of an apartment complex, she appears to live elsewhere: as her home was robbed by a group of caroling robots led by Bender on Xmas Eve.

She bought a giraffe neck from an organ dealer with her tax rebate, but returned to her former body parts soon after.


Hattie suffers from a variety of health problems, which include a large cyst and a case of insomnia that has plagued her for some 30 years. Additionally, she has a horrible memory, often forgetting words or phrases and inserting "watcha-call-it" or "kajigger" instead.

Romantic Interests

  • Professor Farnsworth: Hattie was romantically linked with Farnsworth during the doomed maiden voyage of the Titanic and they fled together in the same escape pod. Years later, she is present in the Planet Express ship during the battle to retake Earth from the Nudist Alien Scammers. However, on other occasions, she is openly hostile to the "cat-hater".
  • Kif Kroker: after Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker were dismissed from DOOP, they were forced to sell their bodies to make a living. During their time as prostitutes, Hattie pulls up in a limousine and had Kif get in.
  • Larry: During Valentine's Day in Elzar's Fine Cuisine, Hattie is seen on a date with Larry, probably due to a match made by Bender's dating service.