"Let us cavort like the Greeks of old. You know the ones I mean."

Hedonismbot is a recurring character on Futurama. He is a robot modeled after an ancient Roman hedonist, with the notable improvement of being his own kline (couch). He has a bowl of grapes with him at most times, except when his servant Djambi covers his belly with chocolate icing. He's made entirely of gold, and was apparently built with taxpayer's money. Hedonismbot contributes the most out of any robot to global warming. He has a very short attention span, once asking Philip J. Fry I to write an opera, saying he would consider it a smashing success if it kept him entertained through the overture.

He is the rightful owner of the Maltese Liquor and enjoys putting batteries in things. He was in attendance at the Planet Express 100th Delivery Party, where he is concerned that the orgy pit be buttered and scraped. He eventually prepared to settle down and marry a nice house in the suburbs but at the bachelor party a nuclear stripper-bot suffered a catastrophic melt-down and he was the only survivor of the accident.

When most of Bender Bending Rodríguez's body was Bot-jacked and sold for parts in a robot chop-shop operation, Hedonismbot purchased the "Robo-dong" (aka the Antenna) at The Beast With Two Bucks smut shop (where a toilet cam captured his image) and used it for "...anything and everything." When the Planet Express Crew visited him to retrieve the part, they are shown walking through a pleasure dungeon with him which is populated by both humans and robots, and Turanga Leela calls him "Senator."






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