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Hermes Conrad has a number of expressions he has used throughout the series. Generally speaking, this catchphrase consists of either "Sweet", "Great", or "Sacred"; an animal of some sort and a location, which as often as not has something to do with the Caribbean, Rastafarianism, or Africa in general. Additionally, the catchphrase may be a Conrad tradition as both Dwight Conrad and Labarbara Conrad have said similar lines (the latter with questionable results).

Variations by Hermes

Xmas Story

  • "Sweet lion of Zion!"
  • "Sweet manatee of Galilee!"

The Lesser of Two Evils

  • "Sweet llamas of the Bahamas!"

How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

  • "Sweet gorilla of Manila!" (refers to the 1975 boxing match between Joe "The Gorilla" Frazier and Muhammad Ali in Manila)
  • "Sweet something... of... someplace..."
  • "Great cow of Moscow!"

Anthology of Interest I

  • "Sweet giant anteater of Santa Anita!"

The Cryonic Woman

  • "Sweet ghost of Babylon!" (Babylon is another often referenced location in Hermes' lines)

A Tale of Two Santas

  • "Sacred boa of West and Eastern Samoa!"

Insane in the Mainframe

  • "Sacred hog of Prague!"

The Route of All Evil

  • "Cursed bacteria of Liberia!"
  • "Sweet guinea pig of Winnipeg!"

Future Stock

  • "Great bonda of Uganda!"

The Sting

  • "Sweet three-toed sloth of the ice planet Hoth!"

The Farnsworth Parabox

  • "Sweet honey bee of infinity!"

Futurama Volume 4, disc 1 DVD menu

  • ”Sweet fireball of Montreal!”

Bender's Big Score

  • "Sweet yeti of the Serengeti!"
  • "Sweet bongo of the Congo!"

The Beast with a Billion Backs

  • "Sweet squid of Madrid!"

Into the Wild Green Yonder

  • "Sweet kookaburra of Edinburgh!"
  • "Sweet topology of cosmology!"
  • "Sweet coincidence of Port-au-Prince!"

A Clockwork Origin

  • "Sweet robot swan of Botswana!"

The Prisoner of Benda

  • "Sweet orca of Mallorca!"

The Futurama Holiday Spectacular

  • "Sweet candelabra of Le Havre, LaBarbara!"

Yo Leela Leela

  • "Sweet ego of Montego!''

Fry Am The Egg Man

  • "Sweet freak of Mozambique!"

The Butterjunk Effect

  • "Sweet orgy of Georgia!"

The Six Billion Dollar Mon

  • "Sweet reawakenin' of me, a Jamaican-in!"

T.: The Terrestrial

  • "Sweet toke of Ocracoke!"

The Inhuman Torch

  • "Sweet pyro of Cairo!"

Variations by other characters


Bender's Game

  • "Sweet pony of Sierra Leone"


Into the Wild Green Yonder

  • "Sweet she-cattle of Seattle!"

Zapp Brannigan

Beast With A Billion Backs

  • "Sweet Sally in the alley!"*