Hermes Conrad has a number of expressions he has used throughout the series. Generally speaking, this catchphrase consists of either "Sweet", "Great", or "Sacred"; an animal of some sort and a location, which as often as not has something to do with the Caribbean, Rastafarianism, or Africa in general. Additionally, the catchphrase may be a Conrad tradition as both Dwight Conrad and Labarbara Conrad have said similar lines (the latter with questionable results).

Variations by HermesEdit

Xmas StoryEdit

  • "Sweet lion of Zion!"
  • "Sweet manatee of Galilee!"

The Lesser of Two EvilsEdit

  • "Sweet llamas of the Bahamas!"

How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove BackEdit

"Sweet gorilla of Manila!" (refers to the 1975 boxing match between Joe "The Gorilla" Frazier and Muhammad Ali in Manila)

  • "Sweet something... of... someplace..."
  • "Great cow of Moscow!"

Anthology of Interest IEdit

  • "Sweet giant anteater of Santa Anita!"

The Cryonic WomanEdit

  • "Sweet ghost of Babylon!" (Babylon is another often referenced location in Hermes' lines)

A Tale of Two SantasEdit

  • "Sacred boa of West and Eastern Samoa!"

Insane in the MainframeEdit

  • "Sacred hog of Prague!"

The Route of All EvilEdit

  • "Cursed bacteria of Liberia!"
  • "Sweet guinea pig of Winnipeg!"

Future StockEdit

  • "Great bonda of Uganda!"

The StingEdit

  • "Sweet three-toed sloth of the ice planet Hoth!"

The Farnsworth ParaboxEdit

  • "Sweet honey bee of infinity!"

Futurama Volume 4, disc 1 DVD menuEdit

  • ”Sweet fireball of Montreal!”

Bender's Big ScoreEdit

  • "Sweet yeti of the Serengeti!"
  • "Sweet bongo of the Congo!"

The Beast with a Billion BacksEdit

  • "Sweet squid of Madrid!"

Into the Wild Green YonderEdit

  • "Sweet kookaburra of Edinburgh!"
  • "Sweet topology of cosmology!"
  • "Sweet coincidence of Port-au-Prince"

Fry Am The Egg ManEdit

  • "Sweet freak of Mozambique!"

The Prisoner of BendaEdit

  • "Sweet orca of Mallorca!"

The Futurama Holiday SpectacularEdit

  • "Sweet candelabra of Le Havre, LaBarbara!"
  • Sweet reawakening of jamaicaing - The Six Billion Dollar Mon

Variations by other charactersEdit


Bender's GameEdit

  • "Sweet pony of Sierra Leone"


Into the Wild Green YonderEdit

  • "Sweet she-cattle of Seattle!"

Zapp BranniganEdit

Beast With A Billion BacksEdit

  • "Sweet Sally in the alley!"*
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