[Bender is muttering in his sleep.]
"Kill all humans, kill all humans, mus' kill all humans... "
"Bender, wake up!"
"Wh-uh? I was having the most wonderful dream. I think you were in it."

"I, Roommate" is the third episode of production Season One and the third broadcast episode of Futurama. It originally aired in North America on April 7, 1999. The episode was written by Eric Horsted and directed by Bret Haaland. The plot focuses on Fry and Bender's search for an apartment after deciding to become roommates and the various difficulties they have in finding a place that is acceptable to both of them.

Plot Edit

Since his arrival in the future, Fry has been living in the Planet Express offices, and due to this, Hermes arranges an immediate agenda meeting regarding their workplace's conditions: his habits of eating everything, attracting owls with crumbs, using the chemical burn shower irresponsibly and drying his hair with the Planet Express ship's engines, giving him huge doses of radiation at the cost of throwing off the calibration of their output, making it known that Fry's presence is disrupting business. When the group comes to talk with Professor Farnsworth about Fry's living arrangements, the last straw is cut when Fry eats the Professor's alien mummy of Emperor Nimbala- who is noted to taste like beef jerky- and is utterly upset as it was he who was going to eat him. Due to the events of this morning, it is decided that Fry has to go. After being physically removed from the office, Fry decides to move in with Bender.

Several days later, Fry discovers that he can't take living in Bender's 2 cubic meter apartment, and the two begin a search for living space that will satisfy them both. But ultimately, they are unsuccessful until one of Professor Farnsworth's colleagues dies. Fry and Bender lease his old apartment, with Bender living in the closet.


"Please, Bender. Have some malt liquor. If not for yourself, then for the people who love you."

At the house warming party - Leela gives Fry a mini fruit tree, Dr. Zoidberg brings caviar and Farnsworth gives him a teriyaki style mummy - they watch All My Circuits, and each time Bender is in the room, the television doesn't work. Bender gets the landlord, and after four failed attempts to find the cause the landlord finally finds the cause, Bender's antenna.

After discovering his antenna interferes with the building's televisions, Bender is forced to relocate back to his old residence, but Fry stays put. Distraught at the separation from his friend, Bender goes on a self-destructive sobriety binge, eventually cutting off his own antenna to live with Fry.

Out of concern for Bender, Fry moves back into Bender's old apartment (after recovering Bender's antenna). Then discovers that Bender's over-sized closet (bigger than a human sized bedroom) has more than enough room for a human to live comfortably.


The Professor makes his first reference to news, but it's "sad, sad, terrible, gruesome news" in this episode. Bender says "Fun on a bun" for the first time.