Hermes: Fry, Mon, if you're going to be living in the office, you could at least be on time for work.

Fry: I'm sorry. I was up really late, poking through people's desks.

Leela: What the hell are you doing? You're getting a huge dose of radiation!

Fry: And great lift.

Leela: Ugh, do you know how long it's gonna take me to recalibrate these engines?

Fry: Hey, when you look this good, you don't have to know anything.

Leela: Professor, we need to talk to you about Fry.

Bender: That's right, we want some money! Wait, what's this about Fry?

Prof. Farnsworth: Now if you don't mind, I'm rather busy. I seem to have mislaid my alien mummy. This sarcophagus should contain the remains of Emperor Nimbala, who ruled Suben 5 over 29 million years ago.

Fry: Hey Professor, mmm, great jerky!

Prof. Farnsworth: My god, this is an outrage! I was going to eat that mummy! Fry has got to go!

Fry: Sheesh, 40000 channels and only 150 of them have anything good on.

Bender: Fry, we've gotta discuss your living arrangements.

Leela: We've all talked it over and;

Bender: Hey, All My Circuits! Move over.

Fry: Leela, we're trying to watch TV!

Bender: Yeah, would you kindly shut your noise hole.

Fry: Hey uh, why is the TV getting smaller?

Bender: Nah, I'm trying to watch my input. I need plenty of wholesome nutritious alcohol. The chemical energy keeps my fuel cells charged.

Fry: What are the cigars for?

Bender: They make me look cool.

Fry: Do refrigerators still come in cardboard boxes?

Bender: Yeah, but the rents are outrageous! Why don't you just come move in with me?

Fry: Really? That would be great! Y-You sure I won't be imposing?

Bender: Nah, I've always wanted a pet.