• When Fry and Bender are redecorating the apartment, they take down a Slurm painting that is a homage to Andy Warhol.
  • One of the apartment renters has a cell phone which chirps exactly like a communicator from Star Trek, the apartment door sounds like the doors on Star Trek as well.
  • Bender's apartment number, 00100100, when converted from binary to numerical value is 36 or the ASCII character "$". His neighbor, 00111001, is the number 57 or the ASCII number 9, and the apartment across the hall, 00100011, is 35 or the symbol "#".


I, RobotEdit

The title of the episode is a reference to the Isaac Asimov book I, Robot, as well as a movie adaption starring Will Smith released five years later after this episode in 2004.

La persistencia de la memoria Edit

When Bender bends Fry's alarm clock and drapes it over the edge of the table, the image is a reference to Salvador Dalí's "soft watches", which first appeared in his famous 1931 painting La persistencia de la memoria (The Persistence of Memory).


One of the apartments Bender and Fry look at is based on Relativity, a 1953 lithograph by M.C. Escher.

The Odd CoupleEdit

The theme music to the TV Series The Odd Couple is heard when Fry and Bender move into their new apartment, and its iconic "umbrella staking a cigar" scene is parodied.

The Lost WeekendEdit

When Bender becomes sober he walks down the street and all these neon signs are going by. This is a reference to the 1945 film The Lost Weekend, where the main character walks down the street, drunk and all these neon signs pass by him.

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