"Hello? Pizza delivery for, uh ... I.C. Wiener? Aw, crud! I always thought at this point in my life I'd be the one making the prank calls!"

I.C. Wiener is a fictional name made up by Nibbler in order to get Fry to come to Applied Cryogenics on a pizza delivery for Panucci's Pizza. It is a pun based on the phrase "icy wiener", in reference to the cryonics business. Nibbler did this so Fry could be frozen and sent to the year 2999.

John A. Zoidberg from the Hawking-Hole in an alternate reality. Fry, who has no idea who Zoidberg or anyone else is (because he was not introduced to them), asks if any of them are I.C. Wiener, causing Zoidberg to state "If that's his pizza then I'm Icy whatever."

When Bender, Leela, and Fry get fired from Planet Express, Leela delivers a pizza to a I.C. Wiener, to the same place and was asked for by Fry.

Nibbler reveals that it was him who ordered under the false name of I.C. Wiener to Fry so he could get frozen, later apologizing for interfering in the life he knew but stating the cryogenics were needed to prolong Fry's life. Otherwise, he would have died of old age before the Brain spawn attack.

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