Trivia Edit

  • Pamela Anderson's head can be downloaded from Nappster.
  • Before protecting Lucy Liu's head from the rampaging clones, Bender is revealed to have been storing Pavarotti's head.
  • This episode may be encouraging people not to pirate and not to buy pirated things
  • When they're about to leave Nappster, George Michael's head says, "Please, pick me up before you go-go". This is a reference to the song Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, performed by Wham!, which George Michael was a part of.
  • The violent Liu-bots are much like Lucy Liu's character in the Kill Bill films by Quentin Tarantino. Kill Bill came out in 2003.
  • The educational tape is a parody of anti-homosexual educational movies of 1950s.
  • The introduction scene can be seen as a reference to "Twin Peaks" as there is a casino named "3-Eyed Jack's Casino" (similar to "One-Eyed Jacks", a casino and brothel in Twin Peaks) and red curtains in the scene with the slot machine (which are the background for "The Black Lodge", a supernatural realm).