But you told me to follow you!

–Ignus in Bender's Game

Ignus is the alias of Igner in the Dungeons and Dragons alternate reality and the younger brother of Waltazar and Larius. the differences between the two are Ignus has short stump-like horns on his head and wears purple robes. Ignus first appears attacking Titanius Anglesmith's castle. they are stopped by the die of power and teleported to the swamp of the Swamp Hag, though both Waltazar and Ignus managed to gut Frydo with their lances beforehnad (Ignus stabbed Frydo through Waltazar, causing him to yell "Damn thee Ignus!") he later makes an appearance sweeping up (actually using his wand to make a broom sweep up) outside Momon's throne room, where he learns his true origins. he is the bastard son of Momon and the wizard Greyfarn . he later appears on a giant spider in Momon's lair, telling the heros to "get on the bug" The wizard yells at him for his stupidity, telling him the spider is an arachnid, then attacking Ignus. Ignus pulls out a lightsaber and the two have a talk akin to that of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, Ignus saying Freyfarn is his father while the wizard hits himselfon the head repetedly with his staff, denying it. it is likely that Ignus fall into the ground with the heroes when Momon retrieved the die of power and caused the land to collapse around her while cackling (and choking) maliciously.

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