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"Yee-ha! With the feministas in jail, it full speed ahead. You and me, Fry. We implode the violet dwarf star tomorrow. Ka-boom-boom!"
Mr. Wong
"You and me?"
Mr. Wong
Mr. Wong
Mr. Wong

Into The Wild Green Yonder is the fourth Futurama straight-to-DVD film. It was thought to be the last episode of the series, until Comedy Central announced the series would be revived with new episodes starting on June 24, 2010.


Part I[]

In deepest space, a wave of green energy starts radiating, inducing new life to appear and evolve within a small lifeless star system.

Hutch Waterfall

Hutch Waterfall

The scene then switches to Mars Vegas, which is promptly demolished to make way for the construction of New Mars Vegas. Leo Wong has no interest in any life forms wiped out by his development plans, like the Martian Muck Leeches living in a small puddle on the Martian desert. Leela objects, but is only able to save one muck leech before the pond is covered by a parking lot. For her trouble, the muck leech repeatedly clamps onto her (as leeches do).

During a protest from the Eco-Feministas led by Frida Waterfall, Leo blows up the ground beneath their feet, causing Frida to fly thru the air and land on Fry, when her 'femi-necklace' lodges itself in Fry's head, but obscured from view by his 'hair horn'. Leo fears being sued for damages, and gives the unconscious Fry a token to a free poker tournament, and the rest of the crew a free vacation.

Soon Fry is overwhelmed by many insistent voices in his head. In a panic, he runs into an alley, where he meets a transient named Hutch, who gives him a tinfoil hat to place over his head to block out the voices. Hutch explains that Fry is a mind reader now. Hutch discovers that he can't read Fry's mind, and then warns Fry not to tell anyone about his ability, or else the "Dark Ones" will discover and destroy him.


I'm Bender, let's do it.

Bender falls in love with Fanny, a Fembot married to Donbot, head of the Robot Mafia. They have an affair under the Donbot's nose, which the Donbot seems not to be aware of. However, his cohorts, Joey Mousepad and Francis X. Clampazzo ("Clamps"), notice what's going on.

Deciding to do something good with his telepathy, Fry enters a poker tournament using the entry chip Leo gave him. Bender enters also, using Fanny's bra to cover the entry fee, instead of just hawking it and running away before the Donbot gets wise. Narrated by Penn Jillette's Head, Fry manages to get to the finals with his telepathy after defeating Lrrr, "Curly" Joe and Smiley Smith. Tex Connecticut and Boobs Vanderbilt are killed when two giant cards suspended from the ceiling fall on them. However, Bender refuses to look at his cards, so Fry is unable to read his mind and know what to do. Fry goes all in, and Bender wins by dumb luck. A "King of Beers" coaster was accidentally put in the deck which gives Bender five Kings. Finally suspicious, the Donbot and his gang take Bender and Fanny out into the Martian Desert, where they have them dig two graves and then they proceeded to shoot and bury them.

Part II[]

But since, as Robots, they couldn't truly be killed, they emerge from the ground next day. They end the affair and Fanny goes back to the Donbot.

Leo plans to demolish an entire arm of the Milky Way to build really large "miniature" golf course, and hires the Professor to handle the job. While surveying a system with a Violet Dwarf Star, the Planet Express Crew locates primordial lifeforms on an asteroid. But the Professor, having been bribed by Leo, gives the scientific thumbs-up to demolish the system anyway.


The Legion of Mad Fellows

Fry meets Hutch again, who knocks him out and drags him down into a secret lair beneath a dumpster and is introduced to the Legion of Mad Fellows, a group of telepaths who are trying to stop evil forces from destroying the gateway to the "green age". Their leader, the Number 9 Man, explains that the energy force called "Chi" originally filled the galaxy with burgeoning life. However, the Chi then receded, causing the majority of the galaxy's species to go extinct. He tells Fry to go undercover as Leo's security guard and make sure that he does not destroy the violet dwarf.

Meanwhile, Leela, Amy and LaBarbara join the Eco-Feministas. Unfortunately, during a peaceful protest at the Wongminster Miniature Golf Club, a golf cart accidentally kills the Headless Body of Spiro Agnew. On the run from the government and Zapp Brannigan, Leela proposes that they take more direct action. After sabotaging several of Leo's construction sites, they gain support from Earth's female populace and are joined by Linda and Petunia.

Part III[]

The Feministas hijack the Planet Express Ship and paint it pink, locking the Professor, Hermes and Zoidberg (who were hired by Leo to build a fence) in a go-go cage with heavy beat music and lurid lighting, so they will "know how it feels." They then wrap Leo in his own fence.

While on duty, Fry discovers Frida attempting to hammer down another terrible slogan on Leo's property. He manages to tell her to pass on a message to inform Leela that he's trying to save the violet dwarf too. But when she mentally reminds herself back at the Honeybun Hideout, The Dark One hears her and demands to know who gave her the message. Luckily, she didn't know Fry's name, but unluckily, she is psychically murdered. With her dying breath, she pleads for her long-lost brother to avenge her death.

At the second meeting with the Legion, in the old Martian reserve that was abandoned five years ago (as seen on Where the Buggalo Roam), Number 9 explains to Fry about the ongoing battle between the Encyclopods, a race who seeks the preservation of all life and the Dark Ones, who desire destruction of all species, who had since evolved from a frog and snake living in symbiotic harmony. When the Chi receded, only the strongest could survive, like the Dark Ones, while a significant amount of life was extinguishing, like the Encyclopods. But they believe that they left an egg behind, which is the violet dwarf star. Once the Encyclopods are reborn, they can recreate all the species that ever went extinct. However, Fry can't tell anyone about this, as the Dark Ones will know of the Legion's existence and kill anyone who knows about the egg.

The Feministas return to the Honeybun Hideout, coincidentally next door to the reserve, to find Frida murdered. Having heard from Amy that Fry is working for her father, they all fear that he murdered her on Leo's orders. Leela calls Fry to prove them wrong, but when he mentions Frida, she fears that he killed her. However, they agree to meet at Keeler Canyon. Unfortunately, Zapp was eavesdropping on their conversation, due to Bender bugging Fry's phone, and ambushes them. Thinking him a traitor, Leela takes Fry hostage. Eventually, after a chase around the miniature golf course, the Feministas are captured.

Part IV[]

Dixie and Trixie

Dixie and Trixie help Bender dress as a distracting hooker.

The Feministas are tried by the Earth Supreme Court, sentenced and sent to the Maxi-Padlock. However, the Dark One telepathically urges Leela to escape. Leela's initial plan was to have to the Martian muck leech tunnel their way to freedom but the hole it digs is too small and takes too long. Bender soon breaks them out, stating that he'd be committing fifteen felonies at the same time. However, breaking out is even more difficult, as security is tight. After a failed plan to distract the guards with Bender as a hooker, they decide to run for it, as Bender bends a brick wall. Once outside, they are evacuated by the rest of the Planet Express crew.

At his third meeting with the Legion, Fry is given the mysterious Omega device to momentarily disable the Dark One at close range. The only problem is knowing who and what the Dark One looks like after eons of evolution and the fact that his mind is unreadable. Worse, the Dark One can sense their thoughts, even through their tinfoil hats, therefore, they can't come up with a plan. Number 9 Man trusts Fry, whose lack of a Delta Brainwave renders his mind unreadable, to find and stop the Dark One.

At the ceremony, Fry is given the honor to blow up the violet dwarf star, while scanning the crowd for the Dark One. Unfortunately, he is unable to even detect the Dark One's presence and concludes that since his mind can't be read, he must be the Dark One. Just then, the Planet Express crew arrives and takes the detonator. The Dark One telepathically urges Leo to blow up the star, but is disabled by a swing of a golf club from Amy. As Leela is about to defuse the detonator, Fry urges her to give it back to him, though he is unable to explain his intentions: after a moment of reflection, Leela decides to trust him and gives it back. Fry pushes the trigger anyway, having rewired it to the Omega device, intending to destroy himself. However, the device extends into a more complex mechanism and an orb of green light briefly engulfs Fry and Leela. Dumbfounded that he was still alive, Fry yells, "It didn't work. I'm the Dark One and it didn't do anything!" Just then, the Dark One reveals himself as the Martian muck leech, who is affected by the device.

Fry & Leela Kiss

Fry and Leela share a kiss

The asteroids in the system form a sperm-like shape and go into the violet dwarf, triggering the birth of a massive Encyclopod that looks like a manta ray with a biodome on its back, containing countless alien species and plants. As Hutch is about to explain everything, the Dark One attacks him by the throat. Fry slaps away the evil creature. Hutch, now revealed to be Frida's brother, notices Frida's necklace lodged in Fry's brain and takes it out, thus ridding Fry of his mind-reading abilities, before expiring. Vowing to avenge Hutch, the Encyclopod then destroys the leech and its corpse is eaten by the always-hungry Zoidberg before its DNA could be preserved. The Encyclopod preserves Hutch's DNA before leaving, ignoring Fry's insistence that humanity is not an endangered species. Zapp tries to arrest the Planet Express crew again for fifty-three counts of "fugivity" and they all flee in the ship, with Kif going along with them. While escaping the Nimbus, they decide to fly into a wormhole, not knowing the destination. Fry and Leela say that they love each other: they kiss as the crew flies into the wormhole. In "Rebirth" you find out where the wormhole takes them. (Spoiler Alert: It's Earth)

Continuity Issues[]

  • Nixon says, "I did stage the moon landing... on Venus!", but Fry and Leela found the lunar landing site on the moon.[1] The ship was moved to the moon by a group called the "Historical Sticklers Society". Though this was used as a way to explain the Lunar Ascension Module's appearance and it is a valid explanation as to how the lander may have been found on the moon, it is not an explanation for the footprints found outside the lander. He also references finding nothing on the moon except for the revolting Onion people in the "Beast With a Billion Backs".



On June 9, 2009, it was confirmed that Comedy Central picked up the show for 26 new episodes that will begin airing in 2010, spread over two seasons.[2]


  • At 0:43 and on the Opening Subtitle card - "Caution: Falling Humans" and "The Humans Shall Not Defeat Us".

Ongoing Themes[]

Fry and Leela[]

This movie was the first time Leela returned Fry's feelings. It is unclear exactly when Leela fell in love with Fry, most likely after Bender's Big Score. It's possible she only admitted it because she thought they were going to die but she does seem to continue with her feelings for Fry later on. However, she does seem to have a lot more affection for him throughout the movie than usual so she probably did fall in love with him earlier. They become an on again off again couple in the next season before becoming more permanent in season 7.

Character Arcs[]

Farnsworth pronounces "Wong" with a "wh".


Leela's Wrist LoJack-a-mater serves as a ray gun to kill, or at least disable, a muck leech: it's possible that this is not a new feature, as it could simply be the emergency face-laser that she used on Fry in Spanish Fry.

Hermes and Zoidberg[]

Endowed with psychic power, Fry "hears" Hermes thinking that Zoidberg is "pathetic but lovable". So now we know for sure that Hermes genuinely likes Zoidberg. His occasional strange, cruel outbursts must represent either a generic anger-control issue for Hermes, or a specific interpersonal issue that Hermes has with Zoidberg.

Injury, Death[]

  • The muck leech Leela saves is constantly clamping and biting her.
  • Bender is shot by the prison guards machine gun fire.
  • Three heads are eaten by H.G. Blob.
  • Leo Wong detonates explosives at the feet of the Greenioritas, rendering them all unconscious.
  • One of the Greenioritas lands on Fry, embedding a piece of jewelry in his forehead and knocking him to the ground. Zoidberg pronounces him dead and for a moment, the entire crew believe that Fry is dead.
  • Farnsworth briefly recounts to Wong the experience of culling ponies with a machine gun. Leela is repeatedly attacked by a muck leech.
  • Feminist Frida Waterfall is murdered.
  • Hutch Waterfall is murdered.
  • The Martian Muck Leech is stomped on and shot by Leela, then eaten by Zoidberg.


"Sweet kookaburra of Edinburgh!"
"Sweet topology of cosmology!"
"Sweet coincidence of Port-au-Prince!"


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