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"[Singing] Single Female Lawyer, having lots of sex."
Bender singing[source]

Jenny McNeal, also known as Single Female Lawyer, was a popular character in a 20th century television show by the name of Single Female Lawyer. She is always sexually involved with many people in court including judges, jury members, prosecutors and even defendants.

President Bill McNeal gets mistaken as the McNeal that the Omicronians want at first, leading to the President's death.

The final episode of Single Female Lawyer is disrupted, leading to the First Omicronian Invasion of Earth. The Planet Express crew take on the roles of characters from the show to make the Omicronians happy, with Leela taking on the roll of Jenny.

If she was still frozen in a Cryogenics tube, she would seem to be alive in the future and Lrrr may be able to ask Zapp to look for her.

Behind the laughter

  • She shares the same surname as President McNeal.
  • Her character is based on Ally McBeal, a real show.
  • Her last name is a slightly different spelling of her actress' name, Tress MacNeille.
  • Her looks change on the show to make her different than on the promo picture.
  • Her workplace includes a unisex bathroom, where she is propositioned by a judge.