Kitten class attack ships

Attacking the aliens

"Alas, our Kitten class attack ships were no match for their mighty chairs!"

Kitten class attack ships are the main craft of the Nibblonians. Piloted by Nibbler and other Nibblonians, they are designed only for their use and cannot fit most other humanoids. If the need should arise however, some people have been known to ride in the back. They are also in episodes when they discover Nibbler can talk and giant brains are invading to either destroy the world or to learn all information.

Kitten class dashboard


Armed with two lasers, they are quite small and weak craft, as they are proven to be extremely ineffective in Bender's Big Score. There is just enough room to fit Leela and Nibbler at the same time. In an attempt to stop the Nudist Alien Scammers from traveling back into the past and thus destabilizing the space-time continuum, Nibbler ordered several Kitten class attack ships to attack the aliens. The aliens retaliated against the attack by batting at the ships with aluminum folding chairs, hitting one and causing it to crash. Before the ship made impact with a desk in the room, the Nibblonian pilot ejected from the cockpit with his kitten-head parachute. The rest of the ships subsequently fled the scene.

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