"I'm fighting back for Kwanzaa so the children won't miss it. I'm confused about its meaning, but I know it when they diss it [rapping]."
Gender Male
Species Robot
Age 600s
Planet Neptune
Profession Holiday-Bot
First appearance A Tale of Two Santas
Voiced by Coolio
Kwanza book

What the Hell is Kwanza?

Kwanzaabot is the Kwanzaa counterpart to the Santa Claus Robot and the Hanukkah Zombie. He travels the world during Kwanzaa, handing out traditional Kwanzaa literature: a book titled "What the Hell is Kwanza?". He admits that he is annoyed by the fact that he's been handing out these books for 647 years and still no one knows what Kwanzaa is. When Santa offered to help retake Earth from the scammers, he recruited Kwanzaabot and the Hanukka Zombie to help. It also seems he knows Bender Bending Rodríguez somehow...

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