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LaBarbara Conrad (born 2965) is the female tritagonist on the show Futurama. She is the wife of Hermes Conrad and mother of Dwight Conrad. She is the daughter-in-law of Mr. Conrad and Mrs. Conrad. She often rebukes Hermes and Dwight for what they do wrong. She is the ex-wife of Barbados Slim, the rival of Hermes, to whom she refers as a "human Adonis" and "a mahogany god". Hermes is insecure when Barbados is around and LaBarbara leaves Hermes temporarily in "Bender's Big Score" to be with Barbados Slim after Hermes loses his body. She often wears clothes that reveal her belly button (like Amy Wong and Leela).






  • In the episode "The Bots and the Bees", after Hermes leaves the house, you can see Barbados Slim in the background, implying that they were having an affair.
  • LaBarbara and Barbados Slim are seen together again briefly in "Fry and Leela's Big Fling", as visitors to Casa Itsa Lota.
  • Unlike her husband, Hermes, LaBarbara likes Dr. Zoidberg -- she's at least nicer and more respectful to him than her husband is.
  • LaBarbara's maiden name (her last name prior to marrying Hermes and Barbados Slim) is never revealed.