Larry is a minor character on Futurama. He is the sniveling middle child of Mom's three sons. His brothers are Walt and Igner. Larry is the middle child and is somewhat less intelligent than Walt, but nonetheless the most stable of the three. Unfortunately he is entirely submissive to his older brother and mother, agreeing with everything thеy say. He apologizes for almost everything that goes wrong, even when it's not his fault and thanks his mother for insults and slaps.

Larry is struck the most often of all of Mom's sons and not as one would think, Igner. This is probably because the writers decided that having Igner struck for his immature statements and infantile behaviour would be a lot less funny than striking Larry for no reason. Of the three sons, Larry seems to be the most normal and has been shown trying to get a date in the series and in the comics. In Put Your Head On My Shoulders, he is seen standing outside Bender's dating service for the miserably lonely. In the #34 comic, he is shown using speed-dating and talks briefly to Amy Wong, who comments that he seems a nice guy, but she already has a boyfriend.

Trivia Edit

  • Larry and his brothers are similar to the Three Stooges, with Larry being most like Larry Fine.
  • As of Bender's Game it is canon that Larry is approximately 37 years old.
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