Leela: Orphan of the Stars
Music by Ken Keeler
Lyrics by Ken Keeler
Performed by Fry on the holophoner
Appearance "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings"

Leela: Orphan of the Stars is an opera written by Fry and performed by several holographic performers as Fry plays the holophoner.


["Scene 1. Wherein Leela Is Found At The Orphanarium"]
Holo-Vogel: Who is this one-eyed female baby Moses,
With courage in her female baby smile?
Holo-Orphans: A saviour from the stars,
Or something stranger still.
Holo-Leela: Or just a lonely, filthy, starving child.
[Scene Two: On the stage, a big green Holo-Godzilla holds Holo-Fry in its hands
Holo-Bender watches as Holo-Leela points a laser at it.]
Holo-Bender: Leela! Leela, Leela save him!
Save Fry, save Fry,
Godzilla will devour him,
As for me,
I must be off,
To have my doctor check this cough,
[Scene Three: Holo-Fry is seen together in Robot Hell with Holo-Robot Devil.]
Holo-Fry: To win Leela's heart with the holophonor's art,
I need hands of transcendental quickness.
Holo-Robot Devil: Well I don't see any danger,
In gambling with a stranger,
For my head is of a most amazing thickness.
(He spins the wheel and falls over.)
I'm stupid, I'm stupid,
I'm stupider than you,
I'm stupider than you in every way.