"I was but a visitor to Earth. In truth I am what you call, a space alien."
Leonardo da Vinci[source]

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (b. April 15, 1452[1]-d. 3010) was an alien from Planet Vinci, posing as an Italian artist, inventor, and scientist.


Leonardo was born on the planet Vinci, where he was considered to be the stupidest person on the planet. He left Vinci for Earth, arriving in the 14th Century, where he soon found himself to be easily the smartest person on the planet.

Here he created great works: inventions such as elaborate flying machines, war engines, and submarines, works of arts such as the famous The Last Supper, and created a shadow society of intellectuals (guarded by his Robot artist model Animatronio)

Eventually he became discontented by being surrounded by stupidity and returned home to Vinci, but he misplaced the plans for his greatest invention, the Machina Magnifica.


After Philip J. Fry I discovered the plans for da Vinci's lost invention, he and the Planet Express crew track down a repository of da Vinci's inventions in the Pantheon (with the unintentional help from Animatronio). Fry and Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth travel to Vinci, where Leonardo assembles the Machina Magnifica to achieve his revenge upon the smarter Vinci. But when the purpose of the invention is revealed, Fry manages to bring it to a halt, killing da Vinci in the process.



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