"Professional whale keeper, eh? I've carried your type before and we don't get along. Oh, I agree with your values and your goals and your methods, but somehow we just never click on a personal level."

Captain Leroy (born October 17, 1946 - June 8, 2014) is a ship captain and Mr. Panucci's cousin.

In 2010, when Fry's beloved narwhal, Leelu, was being taken back to the North Pole to be released into the wild, Panucci directed Fry to Leroy, who he enlists for a trans-Arctic voyage to capture Leelu and bring her back to New York. Leroy immediately identified him as a "professional whale keeper". He had met many others like him and they don't always get along. He agrees with their values, goals and methods but they never "click on a personal level": Fry states that he's not professional any more, "Just a narwhal loving private citizen". Leroy then agrees to assist him.

After two years, catching narwhals and setting them free and eating nothing but sausage, they finally find Leelu. As a male narwhal follow the ship, Fry tells Leroy to speed it up: Leroy curses whale keepers. However, Fry realizes that Leelu is in love with the narwhal and decides to let her go. After they arrive back in New York, Fry shakes hands with Leroy before leaving.


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