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"We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties - and crap like I've never seen!"
Linda van Schoonhoven[source]

Linda van Schoonhoven (born December 9, 2970) is the co-anchor of Channel √2 News and Good Morning, Earth. She also became a Feminista during Into the Wild Green Yonder. Linda is probably of Dutch origin. She is obsessed with alcoholic drinks because in "Benderama", after all alcohol is gone, she appears to go crazy and screams that she cannot face her children.


  • Linda is one of the few non-primary characters who appear in every film.
  • Her last name, which is revealed in a deleted scene of Into the Wild Green Yonder, is Dutch ("van" being Dutch for "of" and "Schoonhoven" being the name of a city in the Netherlands).
  • In several episodes, she newscasts alone. According to the commentaries, this is because the writers leave Morbo out of episodes that have a large focus on aliens, such as H. G. Blob or Lrrr.
  • When she is hot or in a panic, her make-up and eyeliner is smeared.
  • She appears to be slightly ditsy.
  • She was once terrified by Morbo's exposed torso, screaming hysterically on live TV.





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