• It's been established in the episode "When Aliens Attack" that the Omicronians receive television signals from Earth in 1000 years. The Scary Door is a program that is being filmed in the 31st century. He also mentions the New Orleans Saints needing a field goal to win, furthering the possibility of a goof between 2010 and 3010.
  • After the initial comic book scene of "Delivery Boy Man," when Fry is seen kissing his own hand, the comic on the table is an enlarged image of the end panel saying, "Written and inked by Fry." It then suddenly cuts to the picture of the many advertisements.
  • However, given the increasing development of Earth broadcasting, this could have sped up the time television signals travel between systems. This logic wouldn't nomrally hold since radio frequency waves already travel at the speed of light, which nothing can exceed. However, the Professor did mention in "A Clone of My Own" that scientists increased the speed of light in 2208.
  • Shortly before the scene where the crew recruit Orson Wells in their invasion of Earth hoax, Lrrr's horns briefly become the same color as his skin.
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