• The Futurama and The Simpsons creator, Matt Groening guest stars in this episode as himself, presumably alongside with the whole Futurama crew.
  • "Futurella" Is a reference to the shows name.
  • It has a number of references to Star Wars
  • On the Comic con sign it says with a free Ewok pelting
  • Leela is dressed as Princess Leia in her "cinnamon-bun" hairstyle appearance
  • Another obese woman is also dressed as Princess Leia in her metal bikini appearance
  • Each of the crew are dressed as game or film characters at the Comic-con
  • Fry as Charlie Brown's Halloween Ghost
  • Bender as Leela (winner of the contest)
  • Leela as Princess Leia from Star Wars
  • Doctor Zoidberg as Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Someone is dressed as Yivo
  • Someone as the Robot Devil
  • Scruffy as a Na'vi from the film Avatar
  • The floating Brains from "The Why of Fry"
  • The Whale Biologist as a character from Sailor Moon
  • The announcer as Mario
  • Contestant 36 as Spider-Man
  • A few people as Mom, Walt, Larry, and Igner.
  • A random woman Slave Leia
  • A boy as Waldo from a Where's Waldo book series
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