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The Luna Park is a theme park that is on the moon of Earth. Since it is on the moon, it is inside a giant orb to keep oxygen inside. It is like most 20th century theme parks with rides and stalls to win and buy things. The Planet Express crew visits to deliver some stuffed toys for claw machines and Amy Wong loses the keys to the Planet Express ship in one. Philip J. Fry I and Turanga Leela take the "Lunar Rover ride" that goes onto the surface of the moon on tracks: Fry knocks the rover off the tracks and they travel around in the vehicle, until Fry strands it in soft regolith that acts like quicksand.

Lunar Park's mascot is Craterface.

Known Attractions

Background Notes

  • Luna Park is a spoof of Disneyland and the real life Luna Park in Melbourne, Australia
  • There is also Luna Park on Coney Island and there is a real life Luna Park in Scarborough, England.
  • Orlon is a type of fiber, making the "Orlon Candy Stand" a pun on cotton candy.
  • According to Leela, the park is open until 9pm.
  • Luna Park is also the name of an amusement park in Melbourne, Australia, as well as ones in Sydney and Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Luna Park is also a famous arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina. it is known for hosting sporting events (mainly boxing) and music concerts.
  • It sounds like a wordplay in Italian or Polish where 'Luna Park' means 'amusement park' and 'Luna' means 'Moon'.