Marianne is a one time character who made her sole appearance in "Stench and Stenchibility", and is the girlfriend of Dr. John A. Zoidberg.


Zoidberg met Marianne at her flower stand, and she shows interest in him even though Zoidberg says he smells bad. However, because Marianne was born with no sense of smell, she was not affected by Zoidberg's odor. Marianne's greatest desire is to have a sense of smell in order to personally experience the scent of flowers. As a doctor, Zoidberg was able to give her a sense of smell, but he feared that this would end their relationship. However, he nevertheless performed a nose transplant, and Marianne ended up liking his scent, as she had never learned what "good" smells and "bad" smells were. As the series ended the very next episode, it is unknown what happened between her and Zoidberg. Fans speculate that the two eventually married.


Marianne appears to be rather kind woman. She remarks that she does not like to see other living creatures in pain, and was quick to give Zoidberg a chance after getting to know the real him.


  • Marianne speaks with an English accent
  • Marianne was born possibly in England .
  • Though starting off as a flower saleswoman she changes careers to driving a garbage truck.
  • She is the only person who has treated Dr. Zoidberg with kindness from the moment she met him, and has never given him any grief whatsoever.


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