• At Coney Island, two of the prizes are Homer Simpson and Bart Simpson dolls.
  • Dean Vernon's model is a 30th Century style Space Craft with 16th Century ship sails.
  • The whole Robot House subplot contains many references to the 1978 comedy film National Lampoon's Animal House, including using a ladder to peek into a girl's dormitory. Dean Vernon is named after actor John Vernon, who played Dean Wormer in the movie, and his placing Robot House on "dodecatuple secret probation" mirrors Wormer's placing Delta House on "double secret probation". The final montage, showing what happened to various characters, also echoes the final scenes of Animal House.
  • When Guenter gets the phone number of a girl Fry was flirting with he parodies a line from the film Good Will Hunting.
  • The majority of Futurama writers are highly educated people, hailing post-graduate degrees from Ivy League institutions and otherwise, which makes the jokes about colleges being "expensive day care centers" and Farnsworth not being able to teach because he's "a professor" even more entertaining.
  • According to Hubert Farnsworth, Mars was made livable in the year 2636 when the university was founded.
  • There's no any rain forest in Earth in the 30th century.
  • Phillip J. Fry is a high school graduate and a college dropout.
  • Dean Vernon is a reference to Richard Vernon, the mean principal from The Breakfast Club.
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