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Michelle Jenkins (born April 19, 1975) is Philip J. Fry's ex-girlfriend. Their relationship was an abusive and disrespectful one, with Michelle constantly berating and controlling Fry, as well as cheating on him repeatedly.

But Michelle tore off the relationship after Fry went on a pizza delivery to the Applied Cryogenics lab on December 31, 1999.

Michelle is an antagonist of Futurama.


Michelle was born on April 19, 1975, in Old New York. After dating Fry for a while, she broke up with him on December 31, 1999, from a taxi cab she was sharing with her lover Charles Constantine. She told Fry she left his stuff on the sidewalk as the taxi pulled away. She had sex with Constantine later that night, before being interrupted by a time-traveling Bender. Some time later, after a failed marriage, she froze herself to start a new life in the future. She was supposed to unfreeze after 265 years in 2266, but 11 years later, Fry's time paradox duplicate, Lars Fillmore, hitched a ride on her cryo tube and reset that duration to 990 years. In 3002, she was surprised that Fry thawed her and the two rekindled their romance. Michelle could not adjust to her new surroundings, and re-froze both herself and Fry for another millennium. Upon awakening, they found themselves in a desolate wasteland. Trying to make a life for themselves, they joined a society of feral adolescents. Eventually, Fry grew tired of Michelle's constant nagging and left. Fry soon discovered he had only been frozen for two days and that he was in Los Angeles, California. Presumably learning this as well, Michelle hooked up with the recently thawed Pauly Shore.

Michelle cheating on Philip I with Constantine.

During Leela's dream, Michelle was briefly seen at Fry's funeral, along with his other flames.

In the episode "Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences", she is seen at Comic-Con with much longer hair.

Relationship with Lars

In 3002, after she was defrosted from a cryogenics tube, she hated the future because of Fry's friends, ever since then, she has been living as a future person but she has problems with the future herself, all this because of Lars. Michelle suffers from loads of problems but the only people she knows are Pauly Shore, Fry and the rest of the Planet Express crew (except Scruffy).

In 2012, when time-duplicated Fry survived Bender's assassination attempt, and realized that he was in fact Lars, he returned to the Applied Cryogenics lab and entered Michelle's cryogenics pod. It was he who reset the duration of her cryopod from the original 256 years to the new 990 years. While climbing in above her, he knocked off a portion of her frozen brittle hair.

As aliens and robots were present on Earth since the 2200s (e.g., Countess de la Roca), and the anchovies went extinct in the 2200s, every the element of Michelle's life would have remained intact without Lars' intervention. In fact without Fry there to give emotional assistance to her before she fell back into her old ways, she likely would have suffered more without him.

She was possibly like a statue until 3002, if Michelle were unfrozen in 2266, she would be deceased by then, Thanks to Lars, He made Michelle's life harder.

Background Notes

  • In "Space Pilot 3000", Michelle's hair was black.
  • Michelle is a 20th-century woman, so as Fry, who's a man.
  • Michelle made 17 appearances (12 episodes, 2 comics, 2 films and a game).


  • Michelle was originally going to be unfrozen in 2266. (734 years before Futurama started.)
  • In "Game of Tones", it was revealed in 1999 she was a brunette.
  • Michelle's last ever word on the show was 'sidewalk'.